Sunday, May 13, 2012

Issue 2: May

The support you've shown after just one issue is just insane.  Thanks!  I'm brushing up on my photography, getting eyes your poetry, everybody's pretty much winning.  Well done everybody!  Feel free to post links to your deviantart/ whatever creative website pages in the comments section if you have similar ideas to share.

Regarding the poem selection, we created a dreamscape from surreal pieces expressing an eerie stream of consciousness.  We won't necessarily do this every time, but it certainly worked out beautifully for us this time around.  Enjoy and tell your friends!


By Ronald Ray


Open window, fog seeps in; television 
color dances, lamplight struggles to 
make this place look like more than 
a memory but fails

In a sideways, backwards world that 
should be in black-and-white, r&b plays
Papers folded upon the kitchen table, 
books in the living room, magazines;
all whispering, none shouting, 
sleepy grey fog slipping

I gave up ash for Lent, wore a clown mask to church 
and howled; it was the wrong church.

I was only dreaming, I think, 
but there were no constellations 
to console in the roofless sky

I walked back to my sideways house 
and watched TV without sound.
(Remember to check all the closets.) 
(Ignore the fog.)

Your voice on the phone sounds like salvation.

 Single Line

 Curvy Line

Toxic Waste Barrel 

 Uneasy Lump

Barley Street Tavern (Open Mic fav in Benson area)

Walkway on Dodge

New Trees

Under an Overpass


By Valentina Cano


A voice the color
of a chalkboard rings out,
greeting me at the door.

I don’t know whose it is.
Or why it thrums
with such violence through me.
I just want it to stop.
Pause where it is,
crystal tinkling in the air,
a breath away from smashing.

 From Morning Til' Night

 Lake By Graveyard


 Fuchsia Alley

 Please Don't Get Mugged.


Princess Peach

The Circle Of Life

By Ricky Garni

In my dream the piano keys
were teardrops
that gave me nightmares
because they sounded
more like vibraphones.
I didn’t mind the teardrops.
But vibraphones make me cry
real piano keys that sound like
piano keys and I don’t know
where to put them or what
they should sound like.

 Horse O' Clock

Like Passover

 Suspension Bridges Look Like Transparent Mountains

 Poem Wheel

 Happy Putty Picnic Poem

Death In A Box

O! Yeah!  (We have these O! sculptures about everywhere).

I Do Not Own A Lonely Dog
By Ricky Garni


Some people say that dogs
make you less lonely.

But all the dogs that I have owned
were so lonely.

I shouldn’t admit this,
but I am not a very good companion.

People say that. Too often, I feel. Clearly, I should not own a dog,
for the sake of the dog.
 But if my dogs could talk,

they wouldn’t say that.
They would never say that.

It doesn’t matter if it’s true.

Dogs are fiercely loyal.
Even the loneliest of dogs

would rather die than be disloyal.
Actually, lonely dogs

like to die all the time.

 Power Box

 Lonely Dog Swing


 Lonely Cats

Keep Lonely Dogs On Leashes 

Gary Coleman?

 The Mustard Addition

 Overcast Cafe

Death Hast Thou Pockets Full



Don't relinquish this moment
No more shall Death sequester.
His robe pockets, full of wasted time,
But not this moment. This one's yours.   


 Standing Bear Lake


 The Other Plumber 

Entry to Memorial Park


 Bridge By A School

The following poems also deserve recognition:

Piss It Up
By D.M. Jerman
Sweet and Poison
By James Keane
Geography of the Dark Lobes
By Kyle Hemmings

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